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I joined in on an amazing hair collaboration with a few curly haired bloggers! SO many awesome tips and tricks for all hair types. Go check out the rest of the post on Audrey’s blog!

What are some of your favorite/staple hair products?

I am obsessed with RedKen and Pureology products! They have a ton of products that I use but my favorites would be: Blonde Idol violet toner conditioner.  Its for blondes (obviously) who want to bump up their color in between highlights.  Radiant Sea Spray. Perfect for the days your running errands and don’t want to do your hair. You just spray a little of this salted spray in your locks and rock the wavy beach look!  Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner. THE BEST SMELLING STUFF EVER! Like ever, and it has a TON of amazing reviews online. I use the shampoo and conditioner (both sulfate free!) and the Fabulous Lengths balm (within that same line).  To break the redken/pureology train…. 7 Seconds by Unite.  Its THE best detangled on the market, no doubt! It will literally take away the nastiest of knots or tangles in, well, 7 seconds or less! And it smells delicious which is always a plus

How do you deal with frizzy and damaged hair?

So I have this secret product that is HEAVEN that I always use before I blow-dry. Its called Outshine 01- Anti Friz Polishing Milk … by Redken of course.  Sometimes when I blow dry I end up looking like I put my finger in an electrical socket or something haha. Which then makes more work for myself in trying to tame my frizz ball mane! This product controls the hair follicle somehow, it makes my hair sooo smooth! Ive heard there are home remedies like a mayonnaise mask (ew) but Im way too nervous nancy to try those because Im afraid I would break out or something!

How do you enhance or tame down your curls? What do you use?

Well my hair is quite tricky. Its not super curly and its not stick straight. It the perfect amount of frizz and wave to look absolutely awful when nothing is done to it haha. My biggest challenge is getting the volume while taming the frizz. My answer: use a healthy shampoo and conditioner and find a great smoothing balm to put in before blowdrying. It really is all about the products you use! Obviously using a heated iron of some sort will always tame the body/frizz. If you’re trying to avoid the heat then just blow dry your hair half way and only curl the top half of your hair where it needs it!

What have you tried that just doesn’t vibe…

Trying to round brush curl my own hair… for the love of something!! — I just can’t figure out how to make it look as good as my hair stylist does!   Dry shampoo from drugstores! For some reason I can never find a good dry shampoo for cheap, they always end up making my hair feel dirtier than before! If someone knows a good drugstore one that would be awesome!

What is your go-to hair style and why?

Well I have two…I usually blow-dry my hair straight, lightly flat iron the frizzy or curly parts (I don’t want to lose the volume by straightening my roots too much) and then use a 2-3 in curling iron to lightly curl the ends to give my hair some body! If Im going to shoot or will be on camera somewhere fancy I will add my clip in extensions in for more length and body!

The second is the glorious top bun! I love top buns because they are SO fast and so easy and (most of the time) look really nice and fancy even though it was my I’m-running-15-minutes-late-again hair style haha. Ive started dressing up my top bun with fun head scarfs and headbands!

When I’m feeling really crazy I will experiment with different braids. I have the french braid down pretty well, but then I go to pinterest and find all these amazingly intricate braids and suddenly feel the urge to try them all! Now, then never turn out quite like the picture — at least in the beginning, but like they say, practice makes perfect!


Any other secrets you want to share?

If you weren’t blessed with voluptuous thick and full hair, I always recommend investing in a set of clip in extensions. They really do make all the difference and are so worth it! Especially if you have a big event to go to, you’ll be glad you took the time to put them in when you look back at pictures!



  1. November 22, 2014 / 1:06 am

    The braid is so cute! Very excited about the giveaway! I'm up against a lot of other folks, but on the plus side, I've found so many wonderful fashionistas through this! Thank you!

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